Writing a novel

Writing resolutions for 2014

Resolutions are basically objectives for the coming year and objectives should always, always be SMART:

      • Specific
      • Measurable
      • Achievable
      • Relevant
      • Timely

For example, an objective to ‘Write more’ doesn’t fit into the above framework, but ‘Write 2,000 words a week’ does. Outlining resolutions like this ensures that you can achieve them (as opposed to having vague, clouded ideas like ‘Do more exercise’ – also on my list – which are never achieved).

I hope that by sharing them on the line (yes, I watched the Internship over the holiday. Many times), I’ll be holding myself accountable and those resolutions might actually turn into accomplishments. I’ll have to check in at the end of the year to know for sure. So, here are my resolutions for 2014:

  1. Complete my WIP by March 2014
    I have a feeling this is going to be difficult. Significant rewrites are complete (structure, plot etc.) and I’m now line editing. It seems to be going well – thus I sense hardship ahead. But if I don’t get this one out, it’s going to impact the whole year (wow, that sounds serious). 
  2. Query 5 agents per 6 week rotation with WIP
    Pretty self-explanatory. To do this I need to polish my pitch and query letter pretty soon [grimaces].
  3. Read a minimum of 2 (e)books every month in my genre & demographic
    Knowing the market is one of my weaknesses, so this will help. I got a beautiful new Kindle for Christmas which will totally make this a joy (not that it needs anything to make me enjoy it!).
  4. Blog weekly
    More of a reminder, this one. I slipped over the holiday, but I need to ensure this remains consistent for the year.
  5. Start a new novel in April 2014
    I already have an idea and a loose plot for this, so I can start planning and worldbuilding while my WIP goes on query. Best way to keep your mind off those submissions is to keep writing!

Did I inspire you? ^^ Loads of posts on resolutions this month (obviously!) – why not share yours in the comments below?

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