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7 best blogs for help writing a novel

Every writer needs a little help every now and again and there are plenty of writing blogs to do that. Out of the many that I’ve visited, here are 7 that I stalk consistently:

The Other Side of the Story

Janice Hardy has a massive archive of writing tips including POV, tension, structure, character and more. My favourite blog for in-depth tips, as she also hosts a Real Life Diagnostics blog that examines 250 words of a writer’s submitted work. Even without pitching my own 250 words, I’ve learnt massively from lurking in this blog.

Kristen Lamb: We Are Not Alone

Kristen is a social media guru. Among all the other things she knows. This blog is a particular favourite for social media tips and self-publishing knowledge. WANA International holds online writing classes for cheaps, and records them, for the win.

Terrible Minds

Always, always makes me laugh. Chuck has some wickedly funny tips on writing and manages to put our crazy lifestyle in perspective. {Beware: language warning. NSFW}

Romance University

Obviously a genre blog, for romance novels. But the tips for character and tension are applicable across all genres and it’s worth checking this blog out even if you don’t write romance.

Pub(lishing) Crawl

Hosted by a collection of writers, editors and publishing representatives. A great community feel to this blog and lots of varied posts, from writing tips to the publishing perspective.

YA Stands

YA-specific. Hosted by YA-NA authors and often includes YA book reviews as well as tips and tricks for writing a novel. One to keep your eye on if you write YA and want to keep up with the market.

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

Victoria writes mostly fantasy and has some brilliant, in-depth posts on novel writing. A little lengthier than some other blogs, but well worth the investment!

What about you? Do you have any great writing-based blogs to add?

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