3 ways to bring the writing back

Something different hit me this week: not writer’s block, but a Disinclination To Write (that’s a helluva big word for a Monday). I could have written, I just didn’t want to. Which was almost worse, because at least if I wanted to write I would have felt like a writer. So, I tried everything – well,I tried lots of things, paying someone else to write it was a little beyond my means. And some of them actually worked. Go figure.

Here are the 3 deal-breakers that fixed my dry spell and brought on the Monsoon of Inspiration:

1) Read.
But don’t just read any old thing. That helped cause my DTW in the first place, reading all over the place. Read a book for your demographic and in your genre. Reading YA books, for example, reinforces the voice and POV that is unique to teenagers. Reading your genre allows a closer link to whatever novel is hurting in your absence. Soon enough, your mind makes links to your WIP and starts throwing up ideas on how to make it better.

2) Turn off the TV
Watching tv switches my brain off, way more so than while reading. Brilliant camerawork and super acting doesn’t detract from the fact that I am a couch potato. TV sucks all the inspiration right out of you.

3) Get out
Most writers tend to have a writing environment (even if, like me, that environment is a couch), and not writing in that environment SUCKS. You end up focussing more on the fact that you’re not writing than the writing and it descends into a vicious cycle of Bad Times. Get out of the house. Preferably for a day or two. Go to a friend’s or spend some time with the family. Don’t write. Give yourself a break.

What about you, what are your best methods for kicking writer’s block (or equivalent) to the road?

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