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Top 5 heroines

An inspirational post today. My top 5 favourite heroines:

Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre)

The thing I most admire about Jane Eyre is her core of morality that is as strong as iron. She never once falters from what she believes in, even when that belief puts the man and life that she loves at risk. She’s a survivor, as resilient as Katniss Everdeen but without her physical prowess. Jane’s continuously put through challenges that would break a lesser heroine, but she grows and overcomes them each time.

Lyra Belacqua (His Dark Materials)

I love Lyra because she’s flawed. She’s selfish and stubborn and she lies. A lot. But there’s something really endearing about her, all the same. And she cares about her friends, more than anything else. She’ll risk everything to save them.

Margaret (North & South)

LE Medlock

Margaret has an intense inner strength, like Jane, but she’s much more fallible. Her character growth throughout the novel is obvious but never unbelievable. I relate to Margaret probably more than any other heroine. Plus it doesn’t hurt that Gaskell has some incredibly beautiful, vivid similes.

Karou/Madrigal (Daughter of Smoke and Bone)

LE MedlockAlthough Karou is beautiful and graceful and rich (none of which endear her to me – yes, I am petty), she feels real and three-dimensional. She’s a fighter, but her emotions aren’t suppressed. Her dialogue is witty and smart and she kicks ass, too.

Sarah (Labyrinth)

LE MedlockOK, I did read the book. Once. But the movie is my absolute favourite movie EVER. And Sarah enters the scene as a bratty teenager but leaves as an adult (a young adult, at least). Her growth is strongly defined, from flighty dreamer to sensible pragmatist, but she never discards that magical element that made me fall in love with this movie (aka GOBLINS). And Jareth is top of my top 5 antagonists list.

Who are your favourite heroines?

2 thoughts on “Top 5 heroines”

  1. This list is a great mix of classic and modern. I love Sarah’s character arc in Labyrinth, from selfish to heroine. And, of course, David Bowie. Amazing.
    As for our classic heroines, Jane Eyre and Margeret are ladies to admire – they always remain classy, even in the face of tough circumstances placed on them by society.

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