Top 5 antagonists

Jareth (Labyrinth)

LE Medlock: Jareth - Labyrinth

Because eighties Bowie is just the sex. He’s powerful, beautiful, seductive; all villain, right down to the glitter and the glam rock hair. But he’s not just being evil for evil’s sake, he’s doing his job. Stealing kiddies is his thing. Part of me can’t help but root for the man. And those cheekbones.

Loki (Thor)

LE Medlock: Loki - ThorLoki is a great example of an antagonist who sits in the grey, a Jack Sparrow character. You’re never really sure which way he’s going to fall, on the side of Good or Evil (to be really black and white about it). He’s cunning and shady and he delivers his cutting dialogue with style (or maybe that’s just the Tom Hiddleston effect).

Captain Hook (Peter Pan)

LE Medlock: Peter PanA villain with real, visible flaws and fears who still retains that creepy edge. Again, he has his own reasons for trying to kill Pan, he’s not just a crazy hook-wielding psychopath. In the book Pan is much less faultless than the Disney movie would suggest and, at times, Hook is almost sympathetic. Even if no one knows how he could play the harpsichord with one hand.

Long John Silver (Treasure Island)

LE Medlock: Treasure IslandAnother Jack Sparrow character – the original version and with even darker motives. Long John Silver earns the Jim’s and the reader’s trust and his betrayal hurts. Although he keeps switching sides and kills without remorse, he’s likeable. I really wanted him to survive at the end, even if it meant justice was not delivered.

Count Dracula (Dracula)

LE Medlock: DraculaThe definitive, and best, vampire (in my opinion, but there are so many contenders now, the list would be long and is probably on Buzzfeed). Dracula straddles that line between blood-suckingly bad and the perfect gentleman. And he’s redeemed by true love (kind of). Who doesn’t love that type of story?

Compiling 5 of my favourite antagonists was actually harder than the heroes and heroines. It takes a very cool, very wicked baddie to make the list, and lately I’ve only seen shoddy Voldemort knock-offs. Do you have any to add to the list?

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