Writing a novel

15 writing prompts

Here are some kick ass writing prompts to prod the muse out of his temple and into action:

  1. The world is encased in winter and even the oceans freeze.
  2. A samurai falls into modern day New York.
  3. Dr. Jekyll was actually a vampire.
  4. Wind is created by a giant fan hung from the sky. The fan breaks down.
  5. When the earth floods, all humans move to the oceans to live.
  6. Your character finds a kitten in a cardboard box. The kitten turns out to be an alien.
  7. Frogs infect the local church and the town thinks the Apocalypse has come.
  8. The Apocalypse does come.
  9. An old woman writes letters to her younger self.
  10. A pair of ancient shoes are handed from generation to generation.
  11. Batteries can only be charged from a central unit in a main city.
  12. Video games are real.
  13. The colour yellow is banned to prevent inflammatory action.
  14. Phones become chips embedded under people’s skin. One is implanted without permission.
  15. Your character is part of a tribe who perform sun-dances, because it rains every day.

Enjoy. 🙂

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