REVIEW: The Goddess Society by Kelly McKain

Sex isn’t always about love.

And love isn’t always about sex… When Jen, Lia and Shelley form a society to lose their virginity they each expect their first time to be perfect. But there are a few teeny problems. Friends, parents, kid brothers and drag queens all cause chaos – not to mention the boys themselves…

Jen, Lia and Shelley approach losing their virginity like a mission. If it can’t be perfect, then at least it has to be not-tacky (unlike their mate who lost it in their mother’s car and left footprints on the windscreen). Only it doesn’t quite go the way they planned.


The girls, down to their peppermint tea and FMBs, Each chapter is written from a different girl and each of them have a hilarious monologue about exactly how they’re going to accomplish this whole losing-it thing (i.e. no footprints on your mother’s windscreen). They definitely made the book come to life, and I could have spent so much longer with each of them. Their friendship was the core of the story, manifesting in very important ways like shoe-swapping and lingerie approval.

Wanted more of:

The plot. It was straightforward enough, but just a little too A to B for my liking. A couple more twists or complications would have been that cherry on top. Okay, so really I just wanted it to be longer. ^^

Overall, THE GODDESS SOCIETY was a great, chilled out read. Definitely one to put on the list of summer beach books.

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