Elegy of Souls #1

YA paranormal

Sarah figured out early on that her ability to act like a living lie detector only caused trouble – mostly for her brother, Finn. But when he’s kidnapped by a stranger with nails like claws and honest-to-god horns, it’s the only thing that proves he’s still alive…


YA science fiction

Jia’s a petty thief in debt to the most dangerous mutant in Hong Kong: the Puppeteer. Two years ago he employed her as an Elite, a human enforcer who fought mutants on his orders. This skill set brings the Puppeteer back to her door, offering a deal: he’ll reduce her debt if she finds the Vigilante – the city’s most beloved superhero – and kills him…

Hunger Walks the Night

YA historical fantasy

For Elinor Radclyffe, the New World isn’t a chance for a fresh start – it’s Hell on Earth. But her father’s relentless hunt for gold keeps her there, managing her frivolous family and trying to keep them on the straight and narrow. Until a soldier returns from patrol with stories of a man-eating monster roaming the woods…