I write young adult novels, fast-paced, usually romantic and always with a twist of magic. Here’s what I’m working on at the moment…

New World (aka Manuscript no.5)
YA Historical fantasy – in progressNew World - L. E. Medlock

When Elinor and her family reach the New World, they find wild lands and a hostile people. But her father’s continuing search for gold wakes a sleeping evil, and Elinor must find a way to unite both peoples before she can save them.

Heart of the Deadwood
YA Urban fantasy – Complete

Heart of the Deadwood - L. E. MedlockFor seventeen-year-old Sarah, being able to sense other people’s emotions is nothing but a bloody nuisance. She can barely control her own feelings, let alone everyone else’s, and the closer someone gets the harder it is to shut them out.

But, when her brother is kidnapped by demons, that freak show sixth sense is her only proof he’s still alive. It leads her to Purgatory, a limbo between Earth and Hell where dead souls are sent work off their sins. Purgatory can’t be accessed by the living, so she hires a Fallen angel to guide her to its heart. Ash has bloody hands and a conscience as dead as Purgatory’s forest, but he teaches her what no one else could – to block out other people’s emotions.

With his help, she discovers that her brother isn’t the target, he’s the bait. Her powers have drawn the attention of an Archangel and a powerful demon. And the longer she stays in Purgatory, the more she risks not being able to get back. With enemies closing in on every side, Sarah’s running out of time to find her brother and bring him home.

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