Hunger Walks the Night

YA Historical fantasy

For sixteen-year old Elinor, the New World isn’t a chance for a fresh start – it’s Hell on Earth. Although she wants nothing more than to return home, the debt they left behind makes that impossible. Her father’s quest for gold keeps her managing the household and chasing after her frivolous sister. Until the day a native crosses her path.

Keme, fastest of his tribe and nephew of its chief, wants nothing more than to earn his uncle’s respect by locating a missing member of his village. Desperate to expand his search beyond the forest, he sneaks into the fort and stumbles upon Elinor’s doorstep. When Keme’s arrested and thrown into jail, she’s determined to forget all about him and his story of a dark threat in the forest.

Until a soldier returns from patrol with stories of a man-eating monster roaming the woods. No one save her or her sister believe him – except Keme. Desperate to protect her family, Elinor reluctantly breaks Keme out of jail in exchange for his help and they form a secret, shaky alliance.

But more people are going missing, and soon Elinor discovers a deadly secret behind the creature that endangers everything she holds dear. She and Keme will have to find a way to unite both their peoples before they can save them.



YA urban fantasy


Seventeen-year old Sarah figured out early on that her ability to act like a living lie detector only caused trouble – mostly for her older brother, Finn. But when he’s kidnapped by a stranger with nails like claws and honest-to-god horns, it’s the only thing that proves he’s still alive.

It leads her to Purgatory, a war-torn wasteland haunted by poker-playing djinn, tear gas-wielding ninja-warriors and zombie ghosts with a weakness for pachinko. Sarah strikes a deal with a demon to lead her to the city at its heart and rescue Finn.

But the longer she stays in Purgatory, the greater the risk she – and her brother – won’t be able to get back.