YA paranormal fantasy

Elegy of Souls #1 (series)

Knowing when someone feels angry or sad – or feels anything at all – has caused Sarah nothing but trouble. But when her brother is captured by strangers who look like monsters and pronounced dead, her ability to sense emotion is the only thing that proves he’s still alive.

Now all she has to do is find him.

YA superhero fantasy


Jia’s a petty thief in debt to the most dangerous mutant in Hong Kong: the Puppeteer. Two years ago he employed her as an Elite, a human enforcer who fought mutants on his orders.

This skill set brings the Puppeteer back to her door, offering a deal: he’ll reduce her debt if she finds the Vigilante – the city’s most beloved superhero – and kills him.

YA historical horror

Hunger Walks the Night

For Elinor Radclyffe, the New World isn’t a chance for a fresh start – it’s Hell on Earth. But her father’s relentless hunt for gold keeps her there, trying to keep her frivolous family on the straight and narrow. Until their soldiers return from patrol with stories of a monster roaming the woods.

Keme, fastest of his tribe and nephew of its chief, wants to earn his uncle’s respect by locating a missing member of his village. The clues he finds lead him to Jamestown, and to Elinor. Desperate to protect their people, Elinor and Keme form a secret alliance.

But their union is shaky at best, and more and more people are going missing. They’ll have to find a way to unite both their peoples before they can save them.